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Deflation-Phobia Set To Bring On More Monetary Inflation – Seeking …

“Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda's bid to end 15 years of persistent deflation is endangered by the failure of counterparts in the U.S. And Europe to meet their own price goals. Citigroup Inc.'s Inflation Surprise Index  … [...]

The ECB's Tough Balancing Act – Bubbles vs Deflation | Gary …

They are held accountable to the ruling politicians that in most cases have no respect for the principle of sound money. Instead, in Europe, the UK, Japan , the US, and elsewhere, central bankers have become intricately linked  … [...]

Japan says winning war on deflation – Rappler

A key inflation indicator touches a 5-year high as proof its 'Abenomics' growth blitz was winning the war on falling [...]

When Hyman Minsky Runs For The Hills: Japan Central Bank To …

One look at the chart below, which shows JPM's estimate for various central bank holdings as a percent of host nation GDP, is enough to explain why that distant giggling is Hyman Minsky warming up… and he is running for the hills. …. The Bank of Japan will aim to double the monetary base over two years through the aggressive purchase of long-term bonds, in a dramatic shift aimed at ridding Japan of the deflation that has dogged the country for almost two [...]

Japanese PM Abe pledges steps to end deflation, boost national …

Japanese PM Abe pledges steps to end deflation , boost national security in policy speech. TOKYO – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Tuesday to push forward with his plans… by The Associated Press on Tuesday,  … [...]

Japan land prices fall at slowest pace in five years as deflation eases

Japan's land prices fell the least since the global financial crisis in the year to July 1, while commercial land in the three biggest cities rose in value for the first time in the same period, the latest signs that deflation is easing its stubborn grip on  … [...]

test: Bank Of Japan: On Track To Beat Deflation

Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said Thursday that Tokyo Electric Power Co.s use of data regarding contamination levels of storage tank leaks at its Fukushima plant were inaccurate and exaggerated  … [...]

Japan's economy and monetary policy – Bank for International …

Haruhiko Kuroda: Japan's economy and monetary policy – toward overcoming deflation . Speech by Mr Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor of the Bank of Japan , at a meeting held by the. Naigai Josei Chousa Kai (Research Institute  … [...]

Japan's economy shows signs of escaping from deflation: gov't report

Japan's economy is on the verge of escaping from nearly two decades of deflation as it has picked up since the beginning of this year, a government report said Tuesday, emphasizing positive aspects of Prime Minister Shinzo  … [...]

Deflation watch: Kabocha | Yen for Living – The Japan Times blogs

Deflation watch: Kabocha. July 1st, 2013 by Philip Brasor & Masako Tsubuku. Japanese pumpkin, raw and prepared. The main story at the heart of Abenomics as far as the Japanese media is concerned is that Japanese exporters are making  … [...]