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Confounded Interest | Japan's Consumer Confidence Crashes …

Japan's industrial production also fell 2.3% last week, the biggest drop since the Tsunami. jaoanip0514. Japan is still experiencing deflation in home prices are their housing bubble peak in 1991. For comparison, U.S. [...]

Japanese Deflation is Far From Dead | Waltham Economy of Asia …

When Bank of Japan Chairman Haruhiko Kuroda took the reins of the Japanese central bank in late 2012, he was tasked with jumpstarting an economy that had been languishing since the 1990s. GDP growth was slow, the  … [...]

China Faces “Minsky Moment” on Ponzi Financing htt… | http://www …

China Faces “ Minsky Moment” on Ponzi Financing htt… China Faces ” Minsky Moment” on Ponzi Financing # deflation . Posted by The Deflation Times Filed in Deflation Twitter Tweets Created: March 21st, 2014. No Comments [...]

Japan wins another battle over deflation but BOJ action still likely in …

Inflation figures from Japan showed a general picture of an advance: prices, which already began rising, have accelerated and sometimes came [...]

Deflation threat still hovers over Japan | Forex Crunch

Idea of the Day The main standout in overnight trade is the yen, which has pushed above the 101.50 area once again. There is a growing belief that [...]

Japanese deflation is falling – USD/JPY follows | Forex Crunch

Fresh inflation data from Japan is very encouraging for Japanese policymakers. Japan's PM, Shinzo Abe, vowed to fight falling prices, and it seems he is [...]

Is Canada Poised for a Minsky Moment? | Stewart Anderson

This is the so-called Minsky Moment – an economic phenomenon where debtors are forced to rapidly try to liquidate assets as they attempt to deleverage in a downturn. Of course, they cannot and Fisher's debt deflation spiral … [...]

Fisher and Minsky on debt deflation « Financial Stability News

The 1933 Econometrica article by Fisher on debt deflation is a classic. If you haven't read it already, read it now. But you might then also read Hyman Minsky's take on the same story (from 1982). [...]