October 2020
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Deflation would be the stuff of nightmares for European economies …

The one modern example is Japan – where deflation ruled from 1997 to 2007. But Japan is in some ways a poor example: Japanese people themselves have funded the country's debt – and it remains a big producing [...]

Japan's Labor Market Showing 'Significant Improvement' – Business …

Speaking at a global central banking conference here, Kuroda said the central bank's efforts to overcome deflation by stimulating Japan's economy with large-scale asset purchases was proving effective. He added, [...]

Yen-Pinching Undercuts Japan's Push Against Years of Deflation …

But as Mr. Abe faces pressure to show results in his fight to lead Japan out of deflation , he is urging cash hoarders like Ms. Nishimura to change their modest mind-sets — for the economy's sake, as well as for their [...]

Currency wars could return as deflation threats loom | Forex Crunch

The spectre of deflation is making the rounds again and could become a major driver of forex activity and even spark a repeat of currency wars should policy makers decide to fight back with reflation programmes. Japan lived  … [...]

Japan wins another battle over deflation but BOJ action still likely in …

Inflation figures from Japan showed a general picture of an advance: prices, which already began rising, have accelerated and sometimes came [...]

Deflation threat still hovers over Japan | Forex Crunch

Idea of the Day The main standout in overnight trade is the yen, which has pushed above the 101.50 area once again. There is a growing belief that [...]

Japanese deflation is falling – USD/JPY follows | Forex Crunch

Fresh inflation data from Japan is very encouraging for Japanese policymakers. Japan's PM, Shinzo Abe, vowed to fight falling prices, and it seems he is [...]

Abenomics can clear Japan's demographic hurdle – Analysis …

That's the case in deflationary Japan : people have postponed spending because they expect things to cost less in future. Abe's big bet is that boosting demand will not only end deflation, but lift the supply side of the economy … [...]