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Is deflation bad? – EconLog – Library of Economics and Liberty

Everyone knows that deflation is bad. Bad, bad, bad. Why is it bad? Well, we learned it in school. We learned it from the pundits on the news. The Great Depression. Japan . What, are you crazy? It's bad. Here, let [...]

A Prescription for Halting Deflation – Sylff

“Real or structural problems in the Japanese economy, like higher oil prices that have little to do with the currency system, can't be addressed with monetary policy,” Hamada noted. “However, since deflation and the yen's … [...]

Gotterdammerung – More Liberty, less Government

The first two parts in the series are on our website: www.mllg.us. This part deals with the rubble that will be the United States economy following the Minsky Moment, the unknown and unknowable instant the market for US sovereign debt collapses. … The Fed will do everything, including throwing money from helicopters, to prevent deflation ; hence there is only a small likelihood of deflation . In the second phase, inflation ramps up as government tries to inflate its way … [...]

hide shop » Good reputation for Economic slowdown in Okazaki …

Recently Japan's tough economy is viewed as the consequence of massive deflation . Deflation continues to be tormenting the united states since The late 90s. Your variation in the obtaining electricity with the Yen, higher … [...]