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Missing Deflation – NYTimes.com

Inflation has stayed very subdued; but coming in to the crisis I certainly thought that actual Japanese -style deflation was a real possibility. That hasn't materialized (and for that matter, even Japan never had more than very … [...]

Why Japan should not fight deflation » The Cobden Centre

On January 22, 2013 policy makers of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) voted for a 2% inflation target, to be achieved “at the earliest possible time”, with a planned 13 trillion yen a month ($145 billion) in extra securities [...]

Some pre- Great Depression roots of The Chicago Plan (& Minsky's …

But two strands that are sometimes neglected are worth highlighting, especially as they relate directly to current renewed interest in The Chicago Plan and indirectly to the work of Minsky which is also appropriately receiving increased attention ( they also relate through the same line to Milton Friedman and aspects of his work that tie in closely to bank reform and …. ______ 1944, Present outlook, a warning: debasement of the currency, deflation and [...]

A Decade of Volatility: Demographics, Debt, and Deflation

He sees inevitable demography-caused deflation in our future and makes some very intriguing arguments that deserve pondering. At the end is a …. Japan has gone through everything we'll go through in the next few [...]

Japan Sees Near-Term End to Deflation | Japan Wham

“We expect Japan's economy will keep recovering modestly as wages and corporate profits are likely to rise,” Economy Minister Motohisa Furukawa said at a news conference. Analysts, however, said such an outlook was too … [...]

Japan eyes end to decades long deflation | Japan Wham

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan on Friday offered its strongest indication yet it sees a way out of deflation next year, after being mired in a corrosive mix of falling prices and weak economic growth for much of the past two [...]

Japan eyes deflation end, says nominal to top real GDP growth …

Govt expects real GDP growth of 2.2 pct in FY2012/13. * Forecasts real GDP growth of 1.7 pct in FY2013/14. * FY2013/14 nominal GDP growth at 1.9 pct, above real growth. * Govt says economy recovering, warns of [...]

Could Gold Be Tripped Up by a Coming Deflation?

One of the very measures that allows Japan to escape a rather severe deflation compared to what we experienced in the early 1920s following World War I or in the '30s during the Great Depression was the Japanese savings … [...]

NEW PHOTO: Deflation | Japan Wham

News, Photos and Products from Japan & Asia. ? NEW PHOTO: Yoania amagiensis · NEW PHOTO: house of dolls ?. NEW PHOTO: Deflation . Posted on July 21, 2012 by Okashii · SOURCE · Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, [...]

Deflation or Inflation?

WE ARE ENTERING A JAPAN -STYLE LOST-DECADES DEFLATION : Read up on what happened to Japan and prepare for the EXACT SAME THING to happen to America over the next 20 years, maybe more. Reply … [...]