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AS AD policy Debt deflation and hysteresis Youtube Maniac Info

Some argue against debt as an instrument and institution, on a personal, family, social, corporate and governmental level. Islam forbids lending with [...]

What Is Deflation In Economics?

Thanks for Watching. Like and [...]

Peter Schiff "Deflation Is Good" Greece Hits 28% unemployement (61% under age 25)

Before the crash when Greece was growing at up to 5% annually, about 50000 jobs a year were added to the economy. Before Greece received its first [...]

Why The Federal Reserve is evil + QE3, inflation, deflation, gold, economics

facebook: email: the federal reserve is just a central bank. it is a central bank owned by [...]

What is Deflation

According to this video we are more likely to experience Deflation stemming from a worldwide economic collapse. This will cause the prices of stocks, real [...]

Japan Steps Out

In the early 2000s the Bank of Japan , the counterpart of the Federal Reserve, tried to fight deflation by printing a lot of money. But it, too, pulled back at the first hint of improvement, and the deflation never went away. That said … [...]

Goodhart Says UK’s Concern Is Deflation, Not Inflation: Video

March 4 (Bloomberg) — Charles Goodhart, a professor at the London School of Economics, discusses the UK economy, inflation and interest rates. He talks with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television’s “On The [...]

Silver Porn In Deflation

I talk about the need for silver in deflation; in deflation its possible for the price of silver and gold in dollars to go down relentlessly and THAT DOES NOT MATTER ONE OUNCE! MF Global was an example of deflation where customer money goes from 100c on the dollar to 60c on the dollar! Sure silver can go down in dollars; but it should stay constant in purchasing power to things such as gasoline fuel and other currencies. I think we need to expand out thinking so silver and metals start to become a currency. So if the price of bullion goes down, I will simply move risk away from the system to my [...]