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Crisis Looming: Dr. Demos Vardiabasis on Forthcoming Global Deflation Crisis

Pepperdine University Professor of Economics Demos Vardiabasis, PhD, predicts a global economic crisis whereby private, business, and state bankruptcies [...]

Investing During Deflation of the US Economy

http://www.profitableinvestingtips.com/investing-tips/investing-during-deflation-of-the-us-economy Investing During Deflation of the US Economy Recent [...]

Dick Eastman monetarist social credit economics ANSWERS Austrian School Pt 2

Part One his here: www.youtube.com The economics of Economic Depressions — debt and deflation www.youtube.com To Replace the Debt Slavery System Now — American Social Credit [...]

Peter Schiff vs Robert Creamer: Stagnating Wages and the Distribution of Increased Productivity

Alex Merced breaks down the arguments of Peter Schiff and Robert Creamer in their recent debate. The Actual Debate: www.youtube.com Richard Wolfe Capitalism Hits the Fan: www.youtube.com Deflation and Liberty by Jorg Guido Hulsmann: www.youtube.com The Economics of Deflation: www.youtube.com Free Markets in Europe: [...]

Peter Schiff vs Robert Prechter – Inflation-Deflation Debate (8-Nov10)(4-4)(FINANCE & ECONOMICS)

*Formore detailed ‘INFORMATION’ or ‘SEARCH’ on the ‘AUTHOR’, ‘SUBJECT’ and ‘RELATED TOPICS’ use our ‘YOUSEARXCH’ facility – Google – YouInformation- followed by – the authors ‘NAME’/'TITLE’ or – ‘SERIES’ title. *For ‘QUALITY INFORMATION’ (QI), videos, news and features contained in our Associate Channels and Digital Information Platforms, Google ‘yousearxch-’ (followed by ‘name’ or ‘series title’) for a ‘global search’ or click on ‘yousearxch’ tag, for YouTube only search. [...]

Peter Schiff vs Robert Prechter Inflation Deflation Debate 8 Nov 101 4FINANCE & ECONOMICS series


View the original here:
Peter Schiff vs Robert Prechter Inflation Deflation Debate 8 Nov 101 4FINANCE & ECONOMICS series



Gary Shilling On How to Invest In the Age of Deleveraging and Deflation, Part I

www.minyanville.com tinyurl.com Dr. Gary Shilling, a well know American financial analyst and commentator who has an imposing record as a financial soothsayer. President of A. Gary Shilling & Co., Inc.talks to Minyanville’s Josh Lipton on how to invest in the stock market during a period of slow economic growth and [...]

Hyperinflation, Deflation, Currency Wars Economic Update 1

US Debt is out of control & this fact is about to change your life. We look at recent actions by the Fed & others which will quickly bring chaos home. To watch a detailed FREE video detailing the current economic situation go to [...]

(PART 2!) $10 Oil? Mike Maloney Schools Bankers on Deflation, Gold and Silver

PART 2 – PLEASE WATCH PART 1 FIRST HERE: www.youtube.com Mike Maloney was recently invited to speak at the 8th International Banking Forum in Sochi, Russia. The purpose of the conference was for bankers from around the world to meet and discuss the current state of the global economy, the banking system, and strategies for protecting their personal wealth (hence the speaking spot for Mike). The first morning passed without too much fuss as each speaker gave an introduction and a brief talk on his or her area of expertise. However, by the end of the day…it became obvious that something was definitely wrong. After speaking with many of the attendees, Mike was alarmed to find that practically none of the international bankers understood our present monetary system. Most had no idea how currency is created! Here at wealthcycles.com, we’ve often wondered exactly how well modern day bankers understand the worldwide predicament that we find ourselves in. Ladies and gentlemen, our worst fears have been confirmed – the lights are on, but there’s nobody home. Mike’s presentation on personal protection of wealth changed overnight, into one of basic education on our monetary system. How can anybody take the role of wealth protection (or running an economy!) seriously unless they can see the massive storm that lies ahead? Whether you are a banker or a baker, a lawyer or a bricklayer…the time to get educated is NOW. We hope you enjoy Mike’s frantic effort to awaken the conference … [...]

Robert Prechter – Economic Crisis (2) (NWO SERIES/ ECONOMIC COLLAPSE/ Deflation)

YouInformed – ‘NO AGENDA’ – just ‘QUALITY INFORMATION’ This series has been uploaded following a request and information received that it was not easily available. If you are aware of a title on any subject which is not generally available, or can’t be found on YouTube – Please contact us and we’ll see if we can locate and then upload it. [...]