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ECONOMIC COLLAPSE- Fiat Currency Printing, Inflation, Deflation, Gold Manipulation

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Abeconomics, Takahashi and Japan's deflation | Gestaltz

Kikuo Iwata, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan , has made some significant comments at a symposium in honour of Korekiyo Takahashi ( the architect of Japan's recovery from the Great [...]

Japan 's Deflation Persistence | azizonomics

Certainly, older people tend to have more savings, or tend to live in a fixed income, and so benefit from deflation But correlation is not causation. Certainly, Japan's older population l0ves deflation ..But the issue is the love of … [...]

Deflation Isn't An Export, Crazy Talk Is – Seeking Alpha

The question concerns Japan , as so many questions soon will. The statement is made that the aggressive quantitative easing by the Bank of Japan is “exporting deflation ,” and is thus the profligate monetary policy of Japan … [...]

Japanese girl band pays homage to kamikaze currency policies …

Japanese girl band pays homage to kamikaze currency policies: deflation is our enemy. Girl group bases style on Nikkei ups and downs. Machikado Keiki Japan (roughly translated as Economic Conditions on the Streets of … [...]

Abeconomics, deflation and the Japan conundrum | Gestaltz

A slight change in focus can produce a profoundly different understanding (by George [...]

Macronomics: Credit – Structural Instability

The great Hyman Minsky thesis was “stability leads to instability”, we would argue that dwindling liquidity and excessive spread tightening in core quality credit spreads courtesy of zero interest rates policy in both the US and Europe is extremely concerning and are already indicative of a great build up in ….. Labels: Argentina, credit, CreditSights, deflation , deflationary environment, ECB, instability, Loan-to-deposit, Minsky , Minsky Theory, Siemens, Spain, ZIRP … [...]