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Japan Enters a Triple Dip Recession as Deflation Fears grip the …

Japan Enters a Triple Dip Recession as Deflation Fears grip the World. by John Galt November 16, 2014 21:45 ET. Radio Australia broke the news earlier tonight, along with every Japanese and economic news source in the Pacific [...]

Japan Drops "Deflation" From Economic View As Prices Pick Up

Japan dropped the term ” deflation ” in describing its economy for the first time in four years amid signs of consumer prices picking up, an indication the government has made progress in its battle with 15 years of grinding price  … [...]

Japan approves $182 billion to fight deflation – ICN.com

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved $182 billion package to support the world's third largest economy to fights the 15 years deflation , but concerns were raised about their impact. Moreover, the cabinet office  … [...]

Japanese factory output growth accelerates, deflation abates | Asia …

TOKYO — Japan's factory output growth accelerated in April and deflation abated a bit as a weaker yen and firmer overseas demand boosted growth, boding well for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's efforts to shake the world's … [...]

Why Central Banks Hate Deflation | Gold News

In Japan , the man at the head of Bank of Japan has vowed to take 'action' on deflation . Haruhiko Kuroda told law-makers that, 'If I were appointed as governor…I would do everything possible to get out of deflation .' His plan is … [...]

In Japan, high hopes for 'Abenomics' – Blog Central, Business Blog …

That's designed to fight a problem that was until recently relatively unique in the world — deflation , or continually dropping prices, which deadens economic activity. The Japanese economy has been stuck in deflation for two … [...]

Japan's deflation outlook not improving : Forex News

FXstreet.com (Barcelona) – Japan's core CPIs fell for a sixth straight month in the year to October, showing once again the economy remains trapped in a deflationary cycle, with a long and painful road ahead to resolve the decrease in [...]

Pressure on BOJ to act mounts as deflation persists

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan remains mired in deflation , price data showed on Friday, piling pressure on the central bank to deliver more stimulus next week to keep the world's third-largest economy from sliding into [...]

NHK – Fighting Deflation In Japan

NHK World News —- Nippon H?s? Ky?kai Description — Fighting Deflation In [...]

Consumer prices drop in Japan increasing deflation woes , Top …

Japan witnessed a drop in its consumer prices in June, adding to signs that the world's third largest economy is struggling to defeat deflation . The annualized national consumer price index fell to -0.2% in June, compared with … [...]